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Clun Valley Voices & Discovering Clun Castle

A Heritage Lottery Fund 'All Our Stories' project

Clun Town Trust MuseumHeritage Lottery Fund - Lottery funded

March 2013

A vintage car, with a folding roof, is standing in front of the garage. It is high off the ground. To the left are the petrol pumps.
Clun garage in the 1920s
March 2013

During the early part of the month progress has been on the project.
The digital photo-frame is working well and we are pleased with it.
Information has arrived from Richard Morriss about the Castle and we have visited Shropshire Archives to see what they have. We are gathering together an information pack for the modelmaker.
Photos have been received photos from Trevor Watson of the re-enactment group and we can now begin to put some publicity together.
The Norman ‘Comic’ has been well received by the school. Comments were made such as:
      It was good, I liked the battle at the end.  It was unusual that the main character was a chicken!
      I think that the comic had lots of information in it. It was funny and interesting at the same time!
      It's a great way to find out about the castle.
      I Love the drawings and it was better than an ordinary sheet with information in it.
      It has made me want to find out more.
We were very pleased about this and the draft has gone for final working up and printing.
20th: Delivered the digital photo-frame to Kent Tomey and discussed the progress of project. He told us about the Children’s University and how they are to be involved in the July weekend.

To listen to recordings made of the Living History team over the weekend of July 7 and 8, visit www.dogrosesound.org

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