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Visit to Budapest, Hungary

The picture shows the ceramic tactile plan of the entire site, situated at the entrance to the museum. The 3-D buildings stand up from the plan which is appropriately coloured.  The plan is contained in a wooden frame and stand to fit in with its wooded surroundings.
Ceramic Tactile plan of the whole site at Skanzen, Hungary
Visit to Budapest, Hungary

The Dog Rose Trust took part in the conference, on Accessibility of Historical and Heritage Buildings in Budapest at the end of June. The Trust gave a paper on multi-sensory interpretation of historic cities and buildings.

The conference, organised by the Hungarian Buildings Accessible Services, was attended by delegates from all over Europe and the Far East.

During our stay in Budapest we visited museums and were impressed by some of the provision for people with visual impairments, but as everywhere this was patchy. The National Museum had an excellent range of items to touch with Braille panels by them. We visited the exhibition of Musical Instruments and the Archaeology Section and thought this displays, for everyone, were very good.

In contrast, the Ethnographic Museum, which had an excellent collection, had no tactile items. However, at the outdoor museum, Skanzen, at Szentendre, there was plenty to see, hear and touch as well as tactile plans of each area made in ceramic. We thought these were very good as the 3-D buildings on each one gave an idea of the character of the region.


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