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Travel in the Baltic II

Another gleaming white concert hall, made of Pentelic marble and designed by the renowned Finnish Architect, Alvar Alto.
Finlandia Hall, Helsinki
Travel in the Baltic II

We gave another talk at the Ateneum, the National Art Gallery in Helsinki, organised by our friend Sara Salovaara. We also had a meeting with the Finnish National Antiquities Board, the equivalent of English Heritage, which was very useful and stimulating. It was also a great pleasure to see Juhani Pallasmaa, who wrote the Preface to our book, Another Eyesight.

We were also interested to meet the designers from Kerho, who made the ceramic manor house at Louhisaaren and also a tactile plan for the new bus terminal designed by Juhani Pallasmaa. The only other such ceramic work we had seen was in Hungary. See the last item on this news page.

Having done our work and made contact with many people, we went on to Tallinn to the Harpsichord Festival which was a great joy and then relaxed in a beautiful wooden house by the sea in Latvia.

Further information:www.ateneum.fi

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