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Time to say thanks

Time to say thanks

Over the years many people have helped and supported the Dog Rose Trust in a great many different ways. We think it is high time to acknowledge this and to thank the following people:

Keith Bramich of Orion Computer Consultants who has not only created our websites and our editing suite but has sorted out many computer problems for us. The web sites have proved to be an important part of getting the word around about our work.


Andy Holmes of Absalute Games who looks after our computers and nurses them when they are sick, as well as supplying us with spare parts and peripherals as they are called.


Steve Bromley who carries out the same function for the house and garden and can be relied on to think up some ingenious solution to all our problems.

Terry Curthoys who admirably copes with our accounts every year and signs them off for the Charity Commissioners.

Adrian Williams who has composed many pieces of music for the Trust over the years, including the memorable pieces, Shropshire Hills and Clun Valleys.


All at Overton Service Station, Ludlow, who keep our ancient Skoda running at prices we can afford and who will look at it at even on a Bank Holiday.

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