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Podcasting museum tours

Podcasting museum tours

At the Dog Rose Trust we like to think we are at the forefront of new ideas. Our radio station, Dog Rose Sound, was set up last year and since then we have been adding items such as our guides to Cathedrals and Museums. All of these are for listening to on line and others for downloading on to MP3.

So we were interested - and amused - to come across an item on the New York Times website about an irreverent tour of MoMA - New York's Modern Art Museum.

This has been made by students at the Marymount Manhattan College and gives an alternative view of the works of art on show at the Museum. This alternative audio guide can be downloaded to i-Pods or MP3 players.

So it's good to think that the Trust is keeping up with the latest trends.

Visit the Trust's radio station, Dog Rose Sound

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