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Making The Ludlow Food and Drink Festival more accessible

Peter and Maggie are sitting at a table having tea at the famous De Greys cafe. Maggie has shoulder length brown hair and is wearing a yellow jacket. Peter has white hair and a white beard and is wearing a blue jersey. Behind them are the waitresses in their black dresses and white aprons.
Peter and Maggie having tea at De Greys
Making The Ludlow Food and Drink Festival more accessible


The Trust was very pleased when we were approached by the Ludlow Food and Drink Festival to make their information more accessible to people who are blind and visually impaired.

This year there was little time to prepare suitable material but an interview has been done with Rowland Myers of Infosound and information sent to Talking Newspapers in the Midlands and North West.
A large print version of the programme will be available and guided tours are offered for Friday and Sunday mornings when the Festival site is not so crowded.
We hope next year to build on this very promising start.

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