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Model of Ludlow Castle

A grey scale model of part of Ludlow Castle shows its many towers and buildings enclosed within its high walls.
Model of part of Ludlow Castle
Model of Ludlow Castle

Well actually it’s only quarter of a model of Ludlow Castle as it is a prototype for a complete one. The model was created by using digital imaging and a 3D printer which is a very innovative and exciting technique for producing models of objects for use by everyone.

When complete the model will have tactile symbols beside places and buildings in the Castle and these will be on a key with both Braille and Moon. It is hoped that sound audio might be able to added.

The model will be situated in the Castle tearooms for all to use and enjoy. Some of the funding has come from the Equality and Diversity Awards.

p.s. of course the wine glass is to show the scale contrary to what you might think!

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