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Legible London

Eric Sayce with Wills is standing with his back to the camera. There is a man in a wheel chair to his left and they are talking to a man in a red cap and coat who is a West End guide; this is a newly established company to help people to find their way around the area.
Eric Sayce consulting on Legible London
Legible London

Legible London is a system of maps and signs designed to make way finding around London easier. Trial stands - or monoliths and megaliths - have been placed around the Oxford Street and Bond Street areas.

The Access Company assemble a consultative group to look at these prototypes and comment on them. Among the participants was the Dog Rose Trust with Eric Sayce and of course Wills the Guide Dog.

After visiting the site the group were asked to give their comments, good and bad, on the project. They also considered the whole environment and its accessibility.

Further information:www.legiblelondon.info

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