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How we nearly lost our Eric down a hole

How we nearly lost our Eric down a hole


Our friend and colleague, Eric Sayce, disappeared down a 4ft hole earlier this month. He was reported to have said ‘it felt like I was falling to Oz’, but this was no journey to see the Wizard or the country on the other side of world, but a trip down hole which is part of work to replace street lights in the area. It had been there for two weeks and has had a board over it when work is not taking place. However, on this occasion the board was not there. Emma, Eric’s Guide Dog, stopped when she came to the hole, but Eric edged forward to see why she had stopped and lost his footing and disappeared.
Fortunately a passing lorry driver spotted him and helped to lift him out. Eric was bruised and fortunately not seriously hurt but his confidence has been shaken.
Read all about it on the link below to the Coventry Telegraph and see a picture of the heroic Emma.

Further information:www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/2011/08/03/blind-pensioner-rescued-by-trucker-after-plunging-down-hole-in-pavement-92746-29168710/

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