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Broadcast on Radio Khwezi

Julia, Peter and Cecily being interviewed by Kjell Olsen at Radio Khwezi
Broadcast on Radio Khwezi

While Peter and I were in South Africa we visited Radio Khwezi, with our friend Cecily Dobeyn, in the beautiful heart of KwaZulu Natal to see what they were doing there. The station broadcasts daily in four languages - Zulu, Afrikaans,  English and German and is widely listened to throughout the province. The radio station is part of the Kwasizabantu mission at Kranskop and they make recordings of  local choirs with the CDs for sale. More information can be found on http://www.khwezi.org.za/audio_products/audioproducts.htm.

While we were there we were interviewed for the radio station and this interview  can be found on http://www.khwezi.org.za/english_programmes/english_downloads.htm




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