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Audio Guide to Ludlow Museum

Audio Guide to Ludlow Museum

We have been so busy working on the audio guide to Ludlow Museum that there seems to have been no time to write about it for this site.

The Trust was commissioned to write, record, edit and produce a guide to the Museum. We worked together with Daniel Lockett, the curator, to provide as many tactile items as possible within the limited budget. The recordings were all narrated by local people including drama students from Ludlow College. Oral history and expert comments have also been included.

Our Polish friend Maggie Galbarczyk, gave us valuable advice about what she would like to hear about so the result is a comprehensive tour of the museum which can be listened to as required by selecting the track numbers on the hand-held wands.

Students from the Royal National College for the Blind  in Hereford came to test it out before the launch as part of the evaluation process which is on-going. .

A young man is bending down to touch the stone carvings under one of the display cabinets.
A student from the Royal National College for the Blind testing out the audio guide

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